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Beardsmith's Super Simple Beard Oil Guide
Beard oil is the most common product for maintaining a healthy and smart beard. But how and when do you actually use beard oil? Read on for Beardsmith's simple guide....
Beardsmith's Top 3 Spring Jobs!
Well spring has sprung and the weather is visibly getting milder. Which of course means that there are jobs that need doing, both in the garden and in the Beardsmith workshop! I've been getting started on them in the last few days and am enjoying the clear up and renewal that signals the end of the winter.
4 Top Tips for a Super Healthy Beard and Skin
Growing a beard is a right of passage. And as hard as it can sometimes be to grow one, maintaining one is often harder. But it doesn't have to be. Maintaining a healthy, comfortable and stylish beard is actually easy once you know how.
Beards and COVID Masks and Nursing

5 years, 7 months and 19 days……that’s how long I’d had a beard before beards and COVID masks became an issue.

That’s 2,058 days! That also happens to be the age of my second born son Ben. Granted it’s not as long as some guys, Santa for example has had a beard since the age of 12, and Hagrid was clearly born with one!

New quarantine beards and how to manage them….
Quarantine beards…..yep, they’re all over the place! As the restrictions ease we are seeing men emerging from their caves like bears coming out of a long, cold hibernation! They growl, blink in the unfamiliar sunlight, stretch and give there quarantine beard a good long scratch!!
Boost beard growth…fact or fiction?

The Beardsmith takes a look at some beard growth myths, facts and fictions! Does shaving make a beard grow faster? Does rubbing an onion on your face stimulate better beard growth?? And more…

How to Deal With Dry Skin Under the Beard and Other Issues

I’ve been asked a load of times, about dry skin under the beard and how to deal with this and other skin/beard related complications.

I’m going to try and talk about what might be going on and what can help – I’ll start by saying I will be talking about my Beardsmith products! (As they’re awesome!) I am also a nurse so have a little extra knowledge (but not much!) from this. But otherwise this is based on the experiences of myself and Beardsmith users, coupled with the science and common sense.