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September 16, 2021 3 min read 1 Comment

How do you deal with dry skin under the beard and other skin and beard related complications?

In this piece i'm going to talk about what might be going on and what can help. I will be using my knowledge, experience and skills as a nurse, coupled with personal experience oaf myself and other Beardsmith users.

So, it seems quite prevalent that guys end up with dry skin under there beards. This can range from: just a bit dry and itchy, to dry and flakey (beardruff!), to dry, red and cracked skin. Sometimes they have always had dry skin, and sometimes it is a new thing.

I often see a lot of different advice: dry skin/hair properly, apply beard oil direct to the skin, don’t use any soap, dont wash(!) etc. Some of this can one helpful advice, some can be rubbish - but in most cases it doesn’t get to the root of the problem. For example, having damp skin/beard hair shouldn’t cause redness, itching and worse – but it could exacerbate an underlying problem. Also, putting oil on is of course a good thing (if it’s a quality oil) and can help with dryness – but why is it dry to start with?

Well (and here’s the interesting bit!) our skin produces a natural oil called sebum. This oil keeps the skin (and hair on it) moisturised, and helps to maintain a healthy skin pH of about 5.5 – which is slightly acidic. If all this is working well then there should be no dry or sore skin issues.

Problems can start with the use of modern soaps and shampoos. They are generally all created using chemicals, and contain nasty things like parabens and sulfates. Instead of just cleansing the skin and hair these detergents strip away all the dirt and all the natural oils. This leaves the hair brittle, coarse and dry. Also, as mentioned above, a healthy skin pH is slightly acidic. These detergents are destroying the acidic sebum, and the alkaline nature of these soaps is so intense that they can cause problems with the natural skin pH balance. This all can add up to dry skin and worse.

Bearded man washing his face and beard

So, the first thing someone with dry skin needs to do is stop stripping out the good oils. We still, of course, need to wash, as dirt can cause problems of it’s own. The answer here is a high quality soap/shampoo which is chemical free and contains natural ingredients. This will be a gentler soap which will just cleanse away the dirt and not strip everything else away. It’s natural ingredients will not be so intensely alkali and so won’t affect the natural skin pH as much.

By switching to natural soaps you will be able to treat the cause of the problem, not just the symptoms.

If the skin is very problematic then you also may need something that is going to help undo the damage that has been caused. A well known and traditional remedy for all skin issues is pine tar. It can treat dry skin, eczema, infections and more – it is shown to be pretty miraculous stuff when it comes to the skin! The pine tar can be incorporated into a soap to gain the benefits easily.

Once the cause of the problem has been remedied high quality beard oils, balms and waxes all have a part to play in maintaining beard and skin health.

Now here’s where Beardsmith comes in! Beardsmith Beard Soap and Beardsmith Beard Shampoo has consistently helped guys with skin issues. It has singlehandedly saved a number of beards and improved people’s skin and beard health.

It is chemical-free and made using traditional soap making techniques. It has a total of 5 (natural) ingredients in the finished soap. Skin health is vastly improved with it and beards will be softer and much more comfortable (for everybody!). It is my flagship product and is amazing stuff!

Follow this with some Beardsmith Beard Oil which is designed to complement the soap and further maintain skin health, and you’ll never have a bad beard day again!

Please message Beardsmith with any questions and all products discussed are available via the quick links below...

1 Response

George Grasmann
George Grasmann

October 18, 2021

Great article, Matt! Hope all is well!!

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