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May 25, 2022 2 min read

The art of beard maintenance can often be quite elusive. We've all seen those beards which look stuck on, or even drawn on with makeup. So here's a quick piece on how to easily maintain your beard  in 3 simple steps and keep it looking natural and tidy!

Man in barbers having beard trimmed

First up is the kind of finish natural means - no sharp and overly styled lines, or strangely positioned lines. No Hollywood beards highly shaped and sharp beards here. Just tidy and natural.

1) Cheeks - This is probably the easiest part of beard maintenance. Most men's beards have a natural cheek line that needs minimal work - so leave it alone! However, you may have stray hairs which go up the cheek. the best way to make the cheek tidy is to trim these stray hairs every day or so. Just use your razor to trim them totally as soon as they start reappearing.

2) Moustache - Depending on the strength of your moustache and the style you are going for this may also need some semi regular maintenance. For a tidy lip tickler (that doesn't do much tickling!) you just need to trim it to the top lip once a week. Just brush the hairs downwards and use your trimmer to do this. You just want to see the lip and not the skin above the lip. If you are growing a longer moustache then regular brush to the sides to train it and tidy by trimming, with a scissors, any wayward hairs that are consistently sticking out.

3) Neck - This can be the hardest part depending on your growth pattern and strength. but typically speaking, for a natural and full looking beard you want the neckline off the beard to finish just above the adams apple. Use your trimmer to maintain this line by gentle trimming a slight smile shaped line whilst tilting your head up. Tidy the hairs below that line then with a razor. this should need doing every 2-3 weeks depending how crisp you want your beard shape.

Man in barbers having beard trimmed

One final and very important tip! A natural looking beard must follow your own growth patterns and strengths. Cheeks in particular can vary on how they go between different men. Work out where your natural line is and work from there.

So there you have it, 3 simple steps to maintaining a natural looking beard.

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