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April 14, 2021 1 min read

Beard oil is the most common product for maintaining a healthy and smart beard. But how and when do you actually use beard oil? Read on for Beardsmith's super simple beard oil guide....
Drop of beard oil falling into a hand

What does beard oil do?

Putting beard oil in your beard is like putting moisturiser on your skin. It will keep the hair and skin soft and healthy - this means less dryness, less itching, a softer beard and healthier skin underneath.

When should you use beard oil?

It is best used in the morning after washing. Beardsmith would recommend integrating it into your morning routine and using it once every day or 2. However, a good quality beard oil can be used more frequently if you have a particularly itchy beard (usually when growing it out).

How much beard oil do you need?

Stubble - 1-2 drops

Short beard - 2-3 drops

Long beard - 3-5 drops

How do you use beard oil?

Beard oil should be added to a dry or (ideally) slightly damp beard. Drop the required amount into the palm of your hand and briefly rub your hands together to spread it. Rub through the beard from top to bottom and use your fingers to work it all the way down to the skin. Then, if long enough, just brush to style and you're done!

Using beard oil is a really simple and really effective way of keeping your beard healthy, soft and looking good. You can view and buy our beard oil instantly below, or view the entire range online.


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