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Beardsmith's Top 3 Spring Jobs!

March 24, 2021

Well, spring has sprung and the weather is visibly getting milder, which of course means that there are jobs that need doing, both in the garden and in the Beardsmith workshop! I've been getting started on them in the last few days and am enjoying the clear up and renewal that signals the end of the winter.

Here's what I've been up to, and perhaps some of these can act as tips, or motivations, to get you started preparing for a great summer and year!

1) Hair cut and beard trim!!!

Self care (and beard care) first of course - although there is a slight problem with this......barbers are all still closed! I bravely (foolishly?) decided to do it my self - I'm comfortable doing the beard anyway (and always give it a solid trim after the winter's beard growth), and the head hair came out OK too! (Although I had to be happy with shaving it all off IF it went wrong!)

2) Prep the garden for planting!

Now I'm looking good and fresh it's time to prep the garden. I have a little vegetable area and the kids really enjoy growing veggies from seed each year. There's no better feeling than sending them out into the garden to pick spuds and carrots for the days dinner! So, we dug, turned, and weeded the plots. It's still a little early in the year so we planted frost hardy veggies just in case - french beans, peas, lettuce, rocket, spring onions, carrots, beetroot, cucumber, onions - hopefully it wont all die in the next few weeks!!!! (I'm still quite new to growing vegetables so any tips are more than welcome! I normally follow Gardeners World guidance...)

Spring Garden Jobs

3) Clear out and spring clean the Beardsmith workshop.

Winter is done and the workshop has become quite cluttered, so it's time to clear it out, clean it down and set it up ready for a fresh product cook up to prepare for summer. This always helps me reset after a busy winter making and selling and gets me motivated for the new challenges of the summer. You can easily do the same with your workspaces or sheds.

Making Beard Shampoo

My 3 jobs focus on personal, family and work and that really helps me balance my year, and my mental and physical health. So how about you? What are your top jobs for the spring to get yourself refreshed and reinvigorated for a great year?

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1 comment

  • You’ve motivated me … to get out of bed! :-)
    But seriously.. You are inspiring. It’s easy to understand why Beardsmith is a successful, growing enterprise.

    George Grasmann on

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