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New year, new beard? Beard Growing Tips for 2021
Has there ever been a better time to grow out that beard you have always wanted, or at least the beard you have been curious about?
The Great Summer Beard!

It’s time for the big decision of the year – to shave, or not to shave? Summer beard or summer shave?

Typically quite a few men grow a beard for the colder winter months and then shave off that beard when it comes to the warmer months. If asked why, they would say that a summer beard is too hot and uncomfortable.

But actually that generally isn’t the case, and I’m here to tell you why and give some tips on how to sport that awesome beard through the summer months!

Beards and COVID Masks and Nursing

5 years, 7 months and 19 days……that’s how long I’d had a beard before beards and COVID masks became an issue.

That’s 2,058 days! That also happens to be the age of my second born son Ben. Granted it’s not as long as some guys, Santa for example has had a beard since the age of 12, and Hagrid was clearly born with one!

New quarantine beards and how to manage them….
Quarantine beards…..yep, they’re all over the place! As the restrictions ease we are seeing men emerging from their caves like bears coming out of a long, cold hibernation! They growl, blink in the unfamiliar sunlight, stretch and give there quarantine beard a good long scratch!!
Irish Men and Grooming
Men’s grooming is a term that hasn’t really been on the typical Irish mans radar in recent times. Shopping for moisturisers and styling products just isn’t the done thing. Grooming has traditionally meant a can of Lynx (Africa!), a Tesco shower gel and a tub of Brylcreem – bought by either the Mrs or the mother!
My Beard and Me. Or, How to Grow a Beard!!
I grew my first beard about 3 years ago when my 2nd son, Ben, was born. What started out as laziness, and not shaving for a couple of weeks, turned into a mission (obsession?) to try and see if I actually COULD grow a beard! And, how to grow a beard worth keeping?
Beardsmith: A Beginning...

So, where did Beardsmith come from? Why did a busy father of 2 and full time nurse decide it was a good idea to start up his first ever business? And do you care where Beardsmith came from??!! Of course you do!! That’s why you’re going to read my long, rambling and self indulgent origins story!!

The Beard of Tralee
In my local town, Tralee, we have a yearly festival (which is nothing to do with beards I should say!) called The Rose of Tralee Festival……sorry I should say The Rose of Tralee International Festival; they added the ‘international’ part in the last couple of years!
Blogsmith...a Beard Blog!
Right. Blogging. Ok, this could be…..interesting (and by ‘interesting’ I mean confusing and, well; uninteresting!) But it’s time I stopped putting it off and became a blogger! A beard blogger!