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May 26, 2021 3 min read 1 Comment

 So it's 2021 and you want to keep up with the fashion train! Or, maybe you just want to change up your beard style or find YOUR beard style? But what beard style is looking good right now and what beard style is going to suit you? Here's Beardsmith's quick look at 2021's top 5 beard style trends:

1) Stubble - Yep the ever consistent stubble beard style remains as solid as ever. Easy to grow and easy to maintain it adds a dash of masculinity and anybody can grow it! The stubble look is great for adding a bit of maturity to a baby face, and even guys with more patchy growth can pull off this beard style. Keeping it soft and healthy is important though, so use a good quality face soap/wash and a high quality moisturiser or beard oil.

Cool guy with short beard and headphones
Photo by Andre Hunter on Unsplash

2) The Beardstache - It's basically a longer moustache paired with stubble. It's like a half way house beard style, and is really popular right now. (Celebrities who are pulling it off well are Ryan Gosling and Henry Cavill.) Be aware though, that it does take a little bit more maintenance though to stop it looking too scruffy - although obviously the whole point is it is a bit of a scruffy and rough round the edges look! Wash and moisturise it well and keep the lower neck and upper cheeks trimmed and keep the moustache under control for the beardstache beard style perfection!

Guy with beardstache
Photo by John Mark Arnold on Unsplash

3) The Goatee - So you want to be a Bond villain do ya? Then the goatee beard is the way to go. This is a moustache and chin hair beard style. It has changed slightly over the years but the current trend is to have 2 separate areas above lip and on chin - without connectors. Relatively easy to maintain and most guys can grow a fairly solid one as the upper lip and chin is generally the strongest area of beard growth. Just be careful not to take it moustache twirling extremes or you gonna start looking like a characature with this beard style.

Guy with short goatee

Photo by Silviu Beniamin Tofan on Unsplash

4) The Short Beard - Ever popular and an always cool beard style! Easier to maintain than a full beard and suits most guys. It is a little more involved to grow and maintain but still relatively simple. When grown right and maintained well it looks just as good in shorts and t-shirt or with a full suit. The best advice for a strong and even short beard style is give it time to grow out and fill in (a little longer than you actually want it) then carefully trim it down.
Cool short beard guy

5) The FULL Beard - Still holding strong in the fashion stakes! Not all men can grow a solid full beard (I personally struggle as it gets wispy and fluffy) but a man with a full and strong beard is an epic sight to behold and will draw the admiration of women and the envy of lesser men alike (or so they like to think)!! But, it's gonna take work and patience to grow and effort to maintain and keep it looking good each day. Your talking regular light trims, and a good regime with specialised beard wash, beard oil and styling wax to maintain this beard style.

Rugged guy with long beard
Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

So there we go, this obviously isn't all the beard styles just the most popular right now. Have fun figuring out your 2021 look! But, most importantly find a style that suits your growth and face shape! And don't forget to look after your face and hair right with Beardsmith's range of beard care products. A healthy beard is the best beard style!

1 Response

George Grasmann
George Grasmann

June 01, 2021

Hey, Matt!!
Cool article! It’s taken me 6 years, but I think I can now sport a “full beard” style with at least some impunity! Even my ne’er-sayers and other critics now compliment me… Though on insists that I could go “an inch shorter” for perfection…


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