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September 29, 2021 2 min read

Post lockdown things have changed in the workplace in a lot of ways. Not least amongst these changes is the office dress code. A new term has emerged to describe this change 'workleisure'.

Happy workers at a table

Throughout lockdown a large number of people were working from home and using video calls to help with this. This meant the rise of the pyjama bottoms (or less!!) and the work attire top. But now that we're well back into the office people still want to maintain that comfort - but in a socially acceptable way of course! Hence workleisure is the new office dress code....but what is work-leisure and why should you care?

Workleisure means clothes that are comfortable, with an appearance that is suitable for the office, and who doesn't want that for the office dress code?? So lets work our way up the outfit:


We're talking comfortable yet stylish to be worn all day. A good pair of shoes really makes the outfit. Tan is a colour that will go great with most conservative trousers and doesn't need to be matched elsewhere in the outfit. These are a great example and similar are available in most high street shops!

Tan coloured shoes


The pants your looking for here are 'All-Day Pants' - These are chinos for the modern age. They are generally light comfortable fabrics, that are slim fitted but with a large amount of stretch!! Here's a nice affordable option from Next. Conservative colours like greys, blacks, navy are important to ground the look.

Casual pants on a smart casual guy


Having gone fairly smart (yet deceptively comfortable) with the bottom half we have the flexibility to go a bit more casual up top! (This is workleaisure after all!) For the cooler days a round neck sweater works perfectly! Keep the colours to a single block and try to lighten the outfit with a brighter pastel colour and your good to go! Sleeves can be rolled up when you're working hard (or wanting to look that way!!) Personally I'm a big fan of Abercrombie & Fitch's sweaters - they can be a little pricey but they frequently have good sales on...

Smart jumpers for men


Sports blazers all the way! Grab a darker colour blazer and bang it over a sweater and your looking great and feeling comfortable all day in the office! I like a nice dark navy here as it will go with so much! Gant make some fantastic (although a little pricey) blazers.

Smart casual man in a blazer

With these staples forming the core of your workleisure wardrobe you can mix it up with different colours, or maybe a shirt on top with more casual joggers on bottom.

And of course the beard, stubble, fuzz, scruff you have grown? That is absolutely perfect too! The Office dress code is yours for the taking and you can bring your own style and comfort like never before.

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