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March 09, 2021 1 min read

Celtic men, or warriors more so, are often associated with having long hair and a beard. Think Game of Thrones – Yes, Jason Momoa, we’re looking at you! (And just about any other TV show or movie (Braveheart, anybody?) featuring some ancient Celts). It was seen as adding too there strength of character, making them more confident and fearsome! To inspire your inner Celtic Warrior here are 3 facts about Celtic men and their beards:

  1. Among the Gaelic Celts of Scotland and Ireland, men typically let their facial hair grow into a full beard, and it was often seen as a sign of weakness for a Gaelic man to have no facial hair!
  2. The ancient Celts had such a distinctive style that the Romans named them ‘Gallia Comata’ or ‘Long-Haired Gauls’. Having long hair and a long beard was a status symbol for the Celtic warrior classes.
  3. The writer Diodorus Siculus claimed that Celtic men would use lime water for hair and beard grooming, allowing them to shape it so that it looked something like the mane of a horse.

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