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Super Valentine's Day Beards!

February 14, 2021

It's the day all of us men love!(?) Yep, Valentines day is here! That means, romance and dates and flowers and love and happiness and (hopefully) lots of super Valentine's Day beards!

Valentine's Day Romance

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

First of all I need to make a bit of a confession - due to my inability to count past 10 (I had socks on!) I incorrectly worked it out that Valentine's Day was falling tomorrow - Monday! It was only late on Saturday night that I started frantically looking at my phone calendar and wondering why it was telling me that it was the 13th and Valentine's Eve!! And to make matters worse my lovely wife had already given me a box of fantastic Italian beer a day early - so I was left with no card, no flowers, no time and no clue!

So what to do? Manipulate the kids of course! I got up bright and early this morning, got the kids on board and the arts and crafts boxes out! An hour later I had prepped the Sunday roast, and armed with incredibly cute handmade cards and a hot cup of tea we went to wake up my wife! The situation was saved with aplomb and an overload of glitter, card and glue! Kids rock!!

Love Hearts

Photo by Laura Ockel on Unsplash

But of course that leads back to the title of this blog post - Super Valentine's Day Beards! It has to be said one of the biggest resistances to beards that our partners have is the tickly and itchy nature of them. Who wants to be kissing a porcupine after all? And most definitely no one wants a beard rash from kissing you! And I think that must be why so many of my customers are partners of bearded men. Men love to grow beards, and our partners find themselves having to help look after them! And of course if you're growing out a new beard the hardest person to get on board can be your partner.

So, if you are rocking, or growing, an awesome beard this year remember that if you look after it right your partner is much more likely to be supportive of you and it. So my 4 tips for a Super Valentine's Day Beard are:

1) Keep it CLEAN

2) Keep it SOFT

3) Keep it looking TIDY

4) Keep it STYLISH!

These are all easy to do with our Beardsmith range. And if you got a Beardsmith Gift Box this year take its s a subtle sign of support. Your partner is saying 'I'm happy to support you and your beard - but for goodness sake look after it'!

And if you didn't get a Gift Box, and instead are getting dirty looks - it's not too late! Beardsmith now features next day delivery around Ireland as standard - show them you care by getting yourself a present!!!

Happy Valentines Day all - tell me about your Valentines Day mistakes or wins below!


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A desire to create a masculine range that would combine hair care with skin care, whilst maintaining a simplicity and ease of use inspired the founding of Beardsmith, by nurse Matthew Smith, 6 years ago. Traditional masculinity fused with modern health and wellness.

This has resulted in a natural and chemical free range that cleans without drying, whilst maintaining and enhancing hair and skin health. This means no dry skin, no itchiness and no scratchy uncomfortable beards. Beardsmith will make your beard look and feel better!

A desire to protect our environment is also a strong drive which has resulted in an eco-friendly range. Beardsmith packaging is recycled and recyclable wherever possible. The products are created with simple, natural ingredients, and, with zero waste manufacturing techniques. Environmental sustainability and responsible personal care.

Beardsmith enables our customers to look and feel great, whilst limiting their environmental impact and being mindful of what they put on their bodies.