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February 01, 2021 2 min read

Beard care should be quick and simple to allow you to focus on what's important in life. After all do you really want to be spending ages in the bathroom trying to look your best when you could be playing with the kids? Meeting family? (Not meeting friends right now of course - but hopefully soon again soon.) Getting to work on time? 

To that end we have ensured that all products can be used not just on beards but all over the body, with predictably great results! Instead of adding steps to your routine, just switch them out and get on with life! Beard care made simple!

But what does beard care made simple mean in reality? I like to look good, be groomed and well dressed on most days - but I'm no dandy and time in the bathroom is time wasted as far as I'm concerned! Like most busy guys nowadays I want to get it done quick and know that I will look good for the day!

Well when it comes to our soaps and shampoo'sthe beard soap and shampoois designed specifically for beards and keeping them clean, soft and healthy - but just use it in your hair and all over and you'll be delighted with the results. Our hair shampoo and body soap are the same, designed more for the body and hair - but equally awesome in your beard.

Just choose what scent you'd prefer and get it done! Beard care made simple as possible!

When it comes to styling your hair I'm a big believer in quick, easy and not at all hard or sticky - most days I just run my beard oily hands through my head hair for a small amount of taming and control (after rubbing through the beard). And on days when I want to look great and have a bit more control - if I have to meet people or socialise (admittedly rare these days!!) I use the Styling Wax in my head hair and beard - a small bit goes a long way and it can be tamed and restyled as often as you like during the day too!!

So those are some quick and easy tips to save time and get on with living life! But what are you going to do with the time you have left? Personally I would kill for a quiet hour in a pub drinking a good ale or stout and reading a good book - odd I know - but that's what I'm really missing during lockdown! But for now it's generally having time to get home school done with the kids and then get out for a walk with them and the dog - and maybe, just maybe a bit of me time in the workshop perfecting my next product.

Here's a great list of things to be taken up whilst stuck in at home by The Trend Spotter. What about you? What do you need time for? What are you doing to keep yourself sane during this lockdown? I'd love to hear in the comments.....and if you need more time then check out our range of beard care made simple products and get on with living life.

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