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April 28, 2021 1 min read

So, you've grown (or are growing) a kick ass beard! But what can you do to make it look its absolute best? How can you look more Hollywood chic than homeless hobo? Here are Beardsmith's top 3 tips to styling the beard RIGHT!

1) Light trimming - Keep on top of extra long beard hairs and keep the upper cheeks and lower neck free of unruly beard hairs/stubble. Do this regularly and your beard will look always look tidy and on point!

2) Brush - A soft boars hair beard brush works best. A simple brush each morning will keep a short beard tidy, tangle free and stylish.

3) Styling wax - If you want your beard to stay looking good then a quality styling wax is essential. Beardsmith's Styling Wax is amazing for this. It adds light control without any stickiness, hardness or weight. Just rub a small bit through and brush to style!

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