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October 10, 2019 2 min read

No shave November is almost here, and if you want to have some awesome beard styles at the end its probably time to start planning. Here are some quick Beardsmith tips on how to make the most of November this year.

First up, it takes a lot longer than 1 month to grow a beard. In reality, you are looking at more like 2-3 months, at the end of the first month it’s just gonna be untidy, thick stubble (unless you are one of these lucky wild men of Borneo who can grow a full beard in a week!)  By doing a bit of groundwork now the month of November can be a lot more effective.

That means starting to grow now! People won’t really notice anything out of the ordinary until 2-3 weeks in, and by then you can say you’re taking part in No Shave November anyway! So my biggest tip is if you have ever wanted to grow a beard but are afraid of what people may say is start now and then claim/blame No Shave November!

The next problem you are probably going to have is that the damn thing will start being itchy and uncomfortable as it grows out. The best thing you can do for this is start as you can to go on with good habits. This means good quality beard soaps and a moisturising beard oil. So go ahead and order a Beardsmith Complete Box to cover all your beard care needs. You can also contact us via email or on Facebook for any further advice or beard growing support!

By the end of NoShave November you should have a decent purposeful looking short beard. You will have had 6 weeks of support and the itch should have passed too! Result! You’ve successfully managed to slip that handsome beard past you’re disapproving family and friends; and now they are used to how handsome you now look and won’t let you shave anyway!

Of course, if you are doing this then it makes sense to raise some money for charity too. No Shave November was invented with Men’s Health Awareness in mind so a charity linked to that makes the most sense.

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