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June 30, 2018 3 min read

Right. Blogging. Ok, this could be…..interesting (and by ‘interesting’ I mean confusing and, well; uninteresting!) But it’s time I stopped putting it off and became a blogger! A beard blogger!

I’ll be honest, I’m a reader, not a writer. Reading has been a passion since I was a child, but writing has never been something that has come easy to me. I know what I want to say, but it never seems to come outright. I’m a bit too analytical and scientific to be an imaginative and flowing writer……lists, I make good lists! Oh, and mind maps, I’m good at those too……neither of which will make for a great blog! (And clearly I use FAR too many exclamation marks too!!??……actually I once heard it said that using more than 1 exclamation mark was a sign of madness…..)

I’ve tried writing this first beard blog article about a hundred times in the last few weeks! I couldn’t decide on a topic, I couldn’t decide on a tone, and I couldn’t decide what I wanted this beard blog to be! I’ve decided to stop trying to write an amazing and topical blog! I’m never going to win writing awards and I’m never going to be a famous blogger. Instead, I’m just going to write, if it works great! But hopefully, this blog will shed a little more light on Beardsmith and the man behind it. So try to bare with me and you never know, eventually I might get the hang of this!

Who is the Beardsmith?

I suppose the 1st question is who am I? Who is the Beardsmith?? And why am I writing s beard blog? Well, my name is Matthew, I’m 36 and I’m a husband to a fabulous Irish woman (she’s a nurse), father to 2 lively and amazing boys (5 & 2) and I’m a full time operating theatre nurse (not fabulous or amazing, but definitely lively!) What else can I say? Oh, time for a list!!

  • I’m currently reading The Dresden Files, by Jim Butcher.
  • My favourite takeaway is a Doner Kebab, in front of the telly with my wife!
  • My favourite movie is Unforgiven.
  • I’m a (long suffering!) Spurs supporter.
  • I can’t sit still.
  • I hate gardening!
  • I love going on ‘adventures’ with my 2 boys.
  • I love running.
  • My favourite singer is Bryan Adams (since I was small)
  • I’m rubbish at sports!
  • I have a beard because I think it makes me look distinguished…..it doesn’t, it makes me look old!
  • …………..I feel old!

So that’s me…..kind of…..i’d like to think that gradually you will come to know a little more about me as this whole blog thing progresses.

The Beardsmith Beard Blog

2nd question is ‘what on earth am I going to beard blog about?’ Well, beards (obviously!) and the products I make. Hopefully some interesting articles about how I make them, how to use them, and any developments generally in the Beardsmith world.

But i’ll be the first to admit that that will quickly grow tedious, so i’d like to also talk about other things, events in my life, things I like, adventures I go on with my family. Perhaps discuss the odd book I read, or interesting development in the world at large. Being an Irish beard care company a lot of what I will write about will be connected to Kerry, where I live and the amazing scenery and landscape around me. The Wild Atlantic Way is rugged, wild and beautiful! And the people here are pretty unique and special so i’ll try to talk about local interesting things as well. Local business’s, local artists and what generally makes this area so amazing.

So that’s it. This is my introduction. Here I am. My intention is to post something every week or 2 for this beard blog. But i’ve got a few things I want to write about first. So, like with most new things, there could well be a flurry of interest, activity and posts in the first few weeks then things will slow down! So keep your eye’s open for blog posts on (here comes another list!):

  • The Beardsmith Story – How it came to be and how it has developed.
  • The first in a series of product profiles – How a product is made, what its for, how best to use it.
  • My experiences starting a small business with no experience!

Well, thanks for reading my beard blog (if anybody did!).

The Beardsmith.

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